Party Photos

2022 5783 Chanukah Party at Temple Beth El

The Temple Beth El Chanukah party on Sunday, Dec. 18th  was a great success!  More than 65 adults, teens and children heartily ate latkes, chili, salad and sufganiyot (donuts). 

The children made chocolate creations and played ring toss on a giant Chanukiah.  Adults reconnected and schmoozed extensively. 

We sang songs and said the blessings together as we lit our family chanukiahs.

This event could not have happened without many helpers whom we thank.  Cantor Chesler organized and announced the various activities and led the singing.  Francine and Hal Koplin, Judy Canetti, and Donna Drew, our food preparer, shopped for the food and supplies.  Donna prepared the food, including a massive amount of delicious vegetarian chili, which she made from scratch.  Francine assisted in the kitchen and with replenishing the food.  Rae Abbs, Jayson Abbs, and Sandy Weekes worked with Hal to set up and decorate the social hall.  Jen Gagne, Bess Landau, and Ally Rhoads (our religious school teachers) assisted with the chocolate craft.  Becky Rhoads handled the ring toss (at considerable personal peril, it appeared).  Many congregants, too numerous to list, assisted with the clean-up and putting away the extra tables and chairs- many thanks. Our appreciation as always to Rich Repkoe for administrative assistance in making the event a success

This was our first big opportunity since COVID started for the Temple Beth El family to be together in person, have fun, socialize, and truly experience our community spirit.  The next big event will be a Tu B’Shevat dinner and celebration on Sunday, Feb. 5th- mark your calendars!